A few testimonials from our satisfied riders.


Testimonial Barb Aldrich“I not only rely upon the transit, I enjoy it” – Barb Aldrich, South Side Harbour





Testimonial Darshana Sridharan St FX Student

“Thank you for a wonderful service provided by your team for all residents as well as students” – Darshana Sridharan – StFX Student




Testimonial Anne Camozzi“I’m so excited that I can get out in my power chair to my medical appointments. I really enjoy riding the bus.”  Anne Camozzi



The following testimonial originally appeared as a Letter to the Editor, The Casket.  Bl Jan 11, 2017

Community transit benefits many

Elizabeth Beaton TestimonialI want to express my great satisfaction with Antigonish Community Transit (ACT) for its excellent service.

As a slightly-disabled senior endeavouring to stay in my rural home as long as possible, ACT has been an integral factor in this decision. Because of ACT, I am able to do grocery and other shopping, use the library, meet socially with friends, keep health-related appointments and attend continuing education classes and other events. Being without a car, I use the service several times a week; all at a very reasonable cost. The cheerful and helpful drivers make ACT a rewarding experience. I couldn’t live in rural Antigonish without the service offered by this non-profit organization.

The use of ACT is not only a benefit to riders; it adds value to Antigonish County through residential taxes, and from the social participation which helps to maintain rural life. The town also benefits, being the central commercial, healthcare and educational location for the wider area. I will be taking a strong interest in the way these municipal bodies support this essential service.

Obviously, not only seniors use ACT; and more people could well make use of it — for ecological and financial reasons, saving on the expense and pollutants of cars. Many other Nova Scotia communities with a rural-urban mix could learn much from the ACT example.

A big shout-out to the drivers and administering organization of ACT.

Elizabeth Beaton, Brierly Brook