About Us

The Antigonish Community Transit Society (ACTS) is a non-profit society focused on responding to Antigonish Town and County residents’ limited access to services, programs and community activities by facilitating more accessible, barrier-free, inclusive, efficient, reliable, safe, green and sustainable transportation options for all community members.

Our Mission

 To provide a green, sustainable, multimodal, community based transportation strategy that provides accessible, barrier-free, inclusive, efficient, reliable and safe travel for all residents and visitors in Antigonish Town and County.

 Our Objectives

  • To increase awareness of the transportation deficiencies within the Antigonish area through advocacy and public awareness meetings;
  • To coordinate multimodal transportation strategies within the Antigonish area;
  • To be environmentally conscious and aware of the impacts a transportation system can have on the environment;
  • To respond to people’s limited access to services, programs and community activities by facilitating more accessible, barrier-free, inclusive, efficient, reliable and safe transportation options for community members within the Antigonish area; and
  • To initiate a mechanism for the effective management and fundraising to establish, operate and sustain the ACTS organization.

Our History

Starting in 2010 as a working group of the Antigonish Poverty Reduction Coalition (APRC), ACTS focused on researching the various transportation options available to residents of the Town and County. On the basis of substantial independent research and a number of focus groups by the initial volunteer working group, as well as a small grant from NS Moves (supported by the Department of Energy), ACTS produced a document looking at rural transportation services and how one could be adapted to the Antigonish area. With excitement building at the prospect of bringing a transportation service to the area, ACTS received more funding to generate a feasibility study and business plan.

In October 2013, ACTS formed a society that is governed by a volunteer board of directors. Building on the business plan and feasibility study, ACTS began a pilot project in September 2014. Throughout the pilot project, ACTS learned about operating a transportation service, working with community organization and businesses to ensure the sustainability of the service, as well as the various transportation barriers people in the Antigonish Community face.

ACTS completed the pilot project in March 2015. With this success, ACTS has transitioned from a start-up operation to a full-fledged transportation service and has received continued support from the Province of Nova Scotia, The Municipalities of the Town and County of Antigonish, local businesses and community members.

Other Support

ACTS is a member of and receives support from several community transportation organization and associations, including:

Community Transportation Nova Scotia (CTNS):

A provincial organization that aims to provide transportation options that lead to healthier and more connected communities throughout Nova Scotia by partnering with community transportation services, other community organizations, governments and business. Their mission is to connect, reach out to community transportation leaders to start the conversation about how to create great transportation systems in Nova Scotia.

Rural Transportation Association (RTA):

The RTA’s mission is to provide a forum in which information and support specific to community-based transportation can be easily shared among members, with our communities, with other organizations, and with government.  It provides for a consistent, strong and united approach to the direction and needs of rural transportation in Nova Scotia, where populations are small and distances are great.

RTA makes available to its members the ideas, methods and solutions discovered and created by its members, and documents best practices from other organizations.  It seeks advice and expertise from other individuals and organizations in Nova Scotia and throughout Canada.  It serves as a conduit for information between government agencies and our membership. It is an organization which increases knowledge of rural, door-to-door, community-based transportation, contributes to common standards and policies, and articulates the views of members in a single, clear voice.

Other community transportation services in Nova Scotia:

The RTA provides information on all community transportation services in Nova Scotia. See: http://ruralrides.ca/