Welcome Message

Antigonish Community Transit Logo ACTSOn behalf of the Board of Directors, employees and volunteers, welcome to Antigonish Community Transit Society (ACTS). We are a non-profit, community-based organization, focused on responding to Antigonish Town and County residents’ request for access to services, programs and community activities by facilitating more accessible, barrier-free, inclusive, efficient, reliable, safe, green and sustainable transportation options for all community members.

ACTS has come a long way from an idea envisioned by a small group of dedicated and passionate community volunteers in 2010 to the fully operational service we are so proud to offer you today. Some of our activities include operating a transportation service, advocacy surrounding the role of transportation as a key component in addressing the social determinants of health, researching Active Transportation, promoting the integration of transportation services and other transportation options, such as carpooling and ride-sharing. We approach these activities always taking into consideration the social, economic, and environmental impacts.

This is your service. Take a look at our site, learn about us and what we can offer you, and provide your input. Your suggestions are important! They help us to adapt and provide you the best transportation service possible, so no one is left out. After all, happy and healthy community members make for happy and healthy communities!

Board of Directors, ACTS