ACTS Service Policies

ACTS is committed to providing a safe and respectful environment for passengers and employees/volunteers.  Given this commitment, we have implemented the following service policies and guidelines:

  • Complaints and/or issues regarding ACTS  (services, employees and/or volunteers) can be referred to the ACTS General Manager at 902-867-0411 or
  • Passengers are required to refrain from the use of offensive or aggressive language and behavior.  Should a passenger demonstrate this behavior, the driver has the right to ask the passenger to leave or refuse entrance to the vehicle.  Furthermore, offenders can be barred from using services under the provisions of the Nova Scotia Protection of Property Act, Chapter 363, of the Revised Statutes (1989).
  • If the bus is crowded with a standing load, passengers are asked to move to the back to make room for more passengers.
  • Passengers are asked to reserve the bus courtesy seats for passengers with mobility issues (e.g., elderly, persons with disabilities, etc.).
  • When descending from a bus, passengers are cautioned not to step out in front of the bus without checking for oncoming traffic.
  • Passengers are cautioned to hold the seat while standing or walking to a seat and never extend any body part outside the bus windows.
  • Passengers who require the support of a service animal are permitted to bring their service animal in all transit shelters and on all transit vehicles.  Otherwise, pets are not allowed on transit vehicles.
  • Smoking, including e-cigarettes, is prohibited inside transit shelters and on all transit vehicles.
  • Alcohol consumption is prohibited inside transit shelters and on all transit vehicles.
  • Passengers are required to wear a top, bottoms and footwear while riding on all transit vehicles.
  • Some passengers are scent sensitive and may experience allergies to scented products. Please avoid wearing strongly scented products while riding on all transit vehicles.  This scent-reduced policy applies to passengers and employees.
  • Passengers using audio/video equipment are asked to use earphones at low volume.  Also, passengers using a cell phone are asked to speak with a low voice.
  • Baby strollers must be collapsed before boarding and kept clear of the aisle and stepwells.  Keeping a child in the stroller on the transit vehicle is not permitted.